Sue Lee Dentometric Appliance® (SLDA)


USO Patent No. 9,089,385

The SLDA is an orthodontic appliance inserted on the palatal surface of children or adults to define the correct arch form. Dr. Lee’s innovative technique, Dentometric® analysis, determines the ideal size and shape of the arch based on surrounding structures and facial features

What makes the SLDA unique? While other expansion appliances split the palate in one dimension by pushing the right and left palate apart, the SLDA is custom-made to reshape the arch form of each patient. There are no keys or screws to turn, because the SLDA is “pre-activated” before insertion.

Envisium does not simply line teeth up in a row, but customizes their alignment according to the patient’s unique physical features. Once the SLDA re-configures the arch, the teeth can move easily into the desired alignment.

End result? Using the SLDA significantly reduces the need for extractions and commonly reduces treatment to 6-8 months – less than half the time of a more traditional approach.

If you are interested in trying the SLDA at your own practice, you can email for details. Check Results out here.

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