Envisium's First Dentometric Discussion Forum Summary & Update

Envisium had it’s first ever Dentometric event in March! Below find a summarized version of Dr. Lee’s lecture held during the event. Thanks to all the doctors that joined us and participated in a great discussion.

If you are interested in Envisium’s next event, please contact us. Specify your interest in the event either in the Subject or Message section.

Summary of Lecture:

  • 0:00 - Intro / Meet the Lecturer

  • 0:26 - Rationale Behind Developing Dentometrics

  • 3:23 - Intro to Dentometrics

  • 4:12 - Clinical Arch Form as the Result of Deformation of the Mid-Face

  • 6:41 - Treatment: Re-shaping Arch According to Facial Dimensions / Using the SLDA

    • 7:35 - Class III Tendency

    • 8:32 - Impacted Canine

    • 9:21 - Constricted Arch w Under-bite

    • 10:18 - Severe Overjet

  • 10:49 - 360 View; Review of Full Case

  • 12:26 - Closing Thoughts

How to Overcome your Overjet & Overbite

When improper alignment of the molars leads the lower front teeth to sit too far behind the upper front teeth, the malocclusion is known as “overjet.” Protruding upper teeth are commonly associated with a lower jaw that is deficient or underdeveloped in proportion to the upper jaw. This condition is technically known as excessive overjet and is popularly known as “buck teeth.” This type of malocclusion may develop for a variety of reasons, ranging from crowded teeth that push the top incisors forward, to habits such as thumb-sucking or pacifiers. In addition, the abnormal swallowing habit known as “tongue-thrusting” can exacerbate the condition.

This featured case, by our very own Co-founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Sue. S. Lee, prevented surgery and headgear with her patented appliance the SLDA as the first phase of treatment, followed by braces. 

Featured Use Case Photo by
Provider: Dr. Sue S. Lee
Practice: Beyond Your Smile 
Website: www.beyondyoursmile.net
Progress: 8 mo. SLDA & 7 mo. braces; no surgery, no Herbst appliance, no headgear

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